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8/30/2019 Simply Saison Simply Saison
8/27/2019 Wheat NEIPA 12l batch Wheat NEIPA 12l batch
8/26/2019 Kiwi Wheat Kiwi Wheat
6/10/2019 Fuggled Mind Mild Fuggled Mind Mild
6/10/2019 First Gold ESB First Gold ESB
5/30/2019 Sunny D Hop Juice Sunny D Hop Juice
4/18/2019 Rusty Garden Gate Porter Rusty Garden Gate Porter
4/16/2019 Robe-ust Porter Robe-ust Porter
4/3/2019 Bourbon Breakfast Stout Bourbon Breakfast Stout
4/2/2019 Southgate Porter v2 Southgate Porter v2
3/26/2019 Hoppy Noel Dark Saison Hoppy Noel Dark Saison
3/18/2019 West Coast APA West Coast APA
3/9/2019 Hopwired recipe Hopwired recipe
3/9/2019 IPArmageddon IPArmageddon
3/9/2019 Archimedes IPA Archimedes IPA
3/8/2019 Cheaper hops DIPA Cheaper hops DIPA
3/8/2019 NZ Pils NZ Pils
3/7/2019 New World Hoppy Pils New World Hoppy Pils
3/7/2019 Heady Topper Clone half batch Heady Topper Clone half batch
3/5/2019 Tropical Juice IPA Tropical Juice IPA
2/27/2019 Simcoe Porter Simcoe Porter
2/27/2019 Tauro Rosso Red IPA Tauro Rosso Red IPA
2/27/2019 NEIPA Half batch v2 NEIPA Half batch v2
2/27/2019 Weizenbock Weizenbock
2/26/2019 West Coast IPA West Coast IPA
2/14/2019 Goldings Promise Goldings Promise
1/12/2019 Quixotic Quad Quixotic Quad
12/27/2018 A Bit of a User Upper A Bit of a User Upper
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Brew Session: Tropical Juice IPA

joelw85 4/6/2019 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation

Nearly hit my numbers. My boiler has a big boil off rate!

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