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9/4/2020 No.1 Best Bitter No.1 Best Bitter
8/6/2020 Black Flag Black Flag
8/6/2020 Dark Horse Dark Horse
2/26/2020 Wolfenstein Wolfenstein
2/25/2020 Black Hole English Stout Black Hole English Stout
2/14/2020 Filthy Blonde Filthy Blonde
2/13/2020 Wits End Wits End
12/2/2019 Old P Old P
11/20/2019 Ersatz Lager Ersatz Lager
9/25/2019 Klaatu Space Beer Klaatu Space Beer
9/23/2019 User-upper Mild User-upper Mild
8/13/2019 Dunkel Dunkel
8/13/2019 60 Shilling 60 Shilling
7/22/2019 Alt Amber Alt Amber
6/19/2019 Mild Prodigy Mild Prodigy
5/15/2019 Tasty Session English Pale Ale Tasty Session English Pale Ale
5/3/2019 Munich Dunkelbrau Munich Dunkelbrau
4/8/2019 Mild Thing Mild Thing
3/25/2019 Exmoor Gold Exmoor Gold
3/18/2019 Olde Albion Mild Olde Albion Mild
3/5/2019 Mainline Bitter Mainline Bitter
3/5/2019 Dizzy Blonde Dizzy Blonde
2/27/2019 Half Moon BIAB Bitter Half Moon BIAB Bitter
2/5/2019 Half Moon Bitter Full BIAB Half Moon Bitter Full BIAB
2/5/2019 60 Shilling 60 Shilling
1/30/2019 Thodds Sneck Lifter Thodds Sneck Lifter
1/23/2019 Oh Vienna Oh Vienna
1/16/2019 Snecklifter Snecklifter
1/15/2019 Basic Kolsch Basic Kolsch
1/10/2019 California Dreamin California Dreamin
1/10/2019 Brulosophy Helles Brulosophy Helles
1/9/2019 Altbier 2 Altbier 2
12/4/2018 Fullers Chiswick bitter Fullers Chiswick bitter
12/4/2018 Fullers London Pride Fullers London Pride
12/4/2018 Fullers ESB Fullers ESB
11/21/2018 English IPA English IPA
11/18/2018 Bloody Acre Strong Ale Bloody Acre Strong Ale
10/29/2018 Lager than Life Lager than Life
10/2/2018 "How's your Father" London Porter "How's your Father" London Porter
10/2/2018 Cumberland Bitter Cumberland Bitter
9/14/2018 Fullers Porter Fullers Porter
8/16/2018 Saxon Bitter mk2 Saxon Bitter mk2
7/10/2018 Nut Brown Ale Nut Brown Ale
7/6/2018 Steamboat Willy Steamboat Willy
6/5/2018 Altbier Altbier
6/4/2018 Munich Dunkel Munich Dunkel
4/17/2018 Paulaner Munich Weisn Oktoberfest Paulaner Munich Weisn Oktoberfest
4/11/2018 Malt Shovel Moktoberfest Malt Shovel Moktoberfest
3/21/2018 AG Kolsch AG Kolsch
3/6/2018 Kraftwerk Altbier Kraftwerk Altbier
2/26/2018 Simple AG Simple AG
2/16/2018 Calderstones Dark Porter Calderstones Dark Porter
2/13/2018 BIAB Munich Dunkel AG BIAB Munich Dunkel AG
2/12/2018 TT Boltmaker AG TT Boltmaker AG
2/12/2018 Oh Mister Porter Oh Mister Porter
2/5/2018 Altbier Altbier
2/1/2018 Munich Moktoberfest Munich Moktoberfest
1/29/2018 Black Magic Cream Stout Black Magic Cream Stout
1/22/2018 Brunette Porter Brunette Porter
12/7/2017 La Roux La Roux
12/6/2017 Bernstein Lager Bernstein Lager
11/21/2017 Caramel Fusion Caramel Fusion
11/15/2017 Helles Helles
10/29/2017 Kobold Lite Kobold Lite
10/27/2017 Brown Porter Brown Porter
10/27/2017 ESB ESB
10/27/2017 Yorkshire Bitter Yorkshire Bitter
10/27/2017 Cornish Tin Miners Ale Cornish Tin Miners Ale
8/30/2017 Cara Red Chocolate Cara Red Chocolate
8/29/2017 Lumo Blonde Ale Lumo Blonde Ale
8/28/2017 Fullers London Pride Fullers London Pride
8/24/2017 Moktoberfest Moktoberfest
8/6/2017 Toms English Strong Ale Toms English Strong Ale
7/31/2017 Munich Dunkel Munich Dunkel
7/21/2017 White Beer White Beer
7/13/2017 Hell Yeah Hell Yeah
7/13/2017 TT Landlord TT Landlord
7/12/2017 Blackbird Smooth Stout Blackbird Smooth Stout
6/30/2017 Latch Lifter Latch Lifter
6/26/2017 Doomed Bar Doomed Bar
6/24/2017 Kobold Ale Kobold Ale
5/11/2017 Extract Pseudo Lager Extract Pseudo Lager
4/19/2017 Bees Knees Bees Knees
4/6/2017 Pride of London Pride of London
Date Added Name

Brew Session: Simple AG

AndyB 4/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation

Too much wort, maybe 8L sparge needs reducing to 6L

Brew Session: Bees Knees

AndyB 5/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation
AndyB is not following anyone yet :(
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