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Date Added Name
4/3/2020 Lockdown Belgian Lockdown Belgian
6/25/2019 Saaz Rye Kveik Saaz Rye Kveik
6/1/2019 Cashmere Voss NEIPA Cashmere Voss NEIPA
9/30/2018 Jaffa NEIPA Jaffa NEIPA
9/28/2018 Monastery Monastery
8/19/2018 Cashmere Brut IPA Cashmere Brut IPA
7/9/2018 Ballina Mead Ballina Mead
7/6/2018 Belgian Blonde Belgian Blonde
2/17/2018 Zero IBU PA Zero IBU PA
2/17/2018 Saaz Rye Saison Saaz Rye Saison
8/30/2017 East Kent Golding PA East Kent Golding PA
6/25/2017 Brown ale Brown ale
4/22/2017 Home hopped pale Home hopped pale
4/9/2017 Victor Porter Mk3 Victor Porter Mk3
3/9/2017 Moutere Blonde Moutere Blonde
3/9/2017 Nelson Mosaic NEIPA Nelson Mosaic NEIPA
2/11/2017 Victor Saison Victor Saison
1/1/2017 Shanghai Porter Shanghai Porter
1/1/2017 Pumpkin Saison Pumpkin Saison
12/21/2016 GF Blonde GF Blonde
12/6/2016 AB Mosaic Saison AB Mosaic Saison
12/5/2016 Victor Porter mk2 Victor Porter mk2
11/13/2016 Amarillo snake bite Amarillo snake bite
11/9/2016 Golding PA Golding PA
9/24/2016 DIPA del dorado DIPA del dorado
9/1/2016 Mosaic Blonde Mosaic Blonde
8/16/2016 Mosman Red Rye Mosman Red Rye
7/17/2016 Cascade Bomb PA Cascade Bomb PA
6/30/2016 Victory PA Victory PA
6/13/2016 Euro PA v2 Euro PA v2
6/13/2016 Mandarin DB Mandarin DB
6/13/2016 Victor Porter Victor Porter
5/20/2016 DIPA DIPA
4/27/2016 Fuggles ESB Fuggles ESB
4/23/2016 Anzac Kolsch Anzac Kolsch
4/16/2016 Victory Amber Victory Amber
4/11/2016 Mandarin Tripel Mandarin Tripel
4/10/2016 Cascade Sorachi Blonde Cascade Sorachi Blonde
3/12/2016 Sorachi Cascade Blonde Sorachi Cascade Blonde
3/7/2016 Cascade Blonde Cascade Blonde
3/7/2016 Alpine Nelson clone Alpine Nelson clone
2/24/2016 Pomegranate Saison Pomegranate Saison
1/23/2016 Galatauer Saison Galatauer Saison
1/19/2016 Berry Bruckheimer Berry Bruckheimer
1/7/2016 MIS IPA MIS IPA
12/11/2015 Euro PA Euro PA
11/21/2015 Mash hef Mash hef
10/21/2015 Sauvin IPA Sauvin IPA
10/17/2015 Suave Saison Suave Saison
10/2/2015 Shlarba Saison Shlarba Saison
9/18/2015 Vic Secret Blonde All Grain Vic Secret Blonde All Grain
7/23/2015 Zythos PA Zythos PA
7/23/2015 Vic Secret Blonde Vic Secret Blonde
7/20/2015 Van Dammerara Partial Van Dammerara Partial
7/6/2015 DR Tripel DR Tripel
5/29/2015 Rackanook IPA Rackanook IPA
5/29/2015 Warrior IPA Warrior IPA
5/20/2015 CRaC Wit CRaC Wit
3/25/2015 Pliny the Elder clone Pliny the Elder clone
3/24/2015 Saaz Hef Saaz Hef
3/24/2015 Crystal Rakau Saison Crystal Rakau Saison
3/24/2015 Summer Blonde Summer Blonde
1/6/2015 Hefehopfen Hefehopfen
12/18/2014 Bock Hudson Bock Hudson
12/16/2014 Bourbon Barrel Porter Bourbon Barrel Porter
12/13/2014 Dubbel Challenger Dubbel Challenger
11/29/2014 Centennial PA Centennial PA
11/28/2014 Crystal Galaxy Saison Crystal Galaxy Saison
11/27/2014 Gem Saison Gem Saison
11/8/2014 Pacific PA Pacific PA
11/6/2014 Spalt Hef Spalt Hef
11/3/2014 Crystal Hef Crystal Hef
11/3/2014 Pacific Gem Blonde Pacific Gem Blonde
10/26/2014 Van Dammerara Sub Van Dammerara Sub
10/21/2014 Van Dammerara Van Dammerara
10/13/2014 Biere de Garde Biere de Garde
10/10/2014 Noble Abbey Pale Ale Noble Abbey Pale Ale
9/27/2014 SIPA SIPA
9/25/2014 MC JLo IPA MC JLo IPA
9/10/2014 Jarrylo Blonde Jarrylo Blonde
9/1/2014 Rye Saison Rye Saison
9/1/2014 Allspice Saison Allspice Saison
8/17/2014 Magnum PA Magnum PA
8/10/2014 Russian Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout
7/30/2014 Damos Bitter Damos Bitter
7/29/2014 Robs Bitter Robs Bitter
7/13/2014 Milk Stout Milk Stout
7/13/2014 Amber Mosaic Amber Mosaic
6/30/2014 Damo Saison Damo Saison
6/30/2014 Citra Blonde Citra Blonde
6/23/2014 Leftovers Pale Leftovers Pale
6/10/2014 Westmalle Tripel Clone Westmalle Tripel Clone
6/10/2014 Mangrove Tripel Mangrove Tripel
5/29/2014 Knappstein Reserve Clone Knappstein Reserve Clone
5/28/2014 Stone and Wood Pacific Clone Stone and Wood Pacific Clone
5/27/2014 Rochefort 10 Clone Rochefort 10 Clone
5/27/2014 Russian Imperial Stout old Russian Imperial Stout old
5/26/2014 Amarillo IPA Amarillo IPA
Date Added Name

Brew Session: Leftovers Pale

Rob 6/24/2014 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation

Brew Session: Stone and Wood Pacific Clone

Rob 6/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation
  • Conditioning

Brew Session: Rochefort 10 Clone

Rob 6/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation
  • Conditioning
  • Tasting Notes

Reduced DME to 2kg, substituted Crystal 60 for CaraMunich, Amber for Biscuit.

Brew Session: Amarillo IPA

Rob 5/26/2014 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation
  • Conditioning
  • Tasting Notes

Dry hopped with 20g Amarillo 4 days before kegging Also conditioned 6 750ml bottles with 2 priming drops.

Brew Session: Mangrove Tripel

Rob 5/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation
  • Conditioning

Carbonated by day 17.

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