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4/20/2019 New RYEIPA recipe New RYEIPA recipe
4/20/2019 Bonne Niviati Coffee Belgian Brown Bonne Niviati Coffee Belgian Brown
4/20/2019 "Dark" Saison Base Recipe "Dark" Saison Base Recipe
4/20/2019 Superhero Saison Base Superhero Saison Base
4/20/2019 Tiny Cream Ale Base Tiny Cream Ale Base
4/20/2019 Heavenly Flowers Heavenly Flowers
4/20/2019 Knight of Flowers Rye Pale Ale Knight of Flowers Rye Pale Ale
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Brew Session: New RYEIPA recipe

LaserShark 4/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation

Mashed in at 175? for 2 hours. Brought to a very foamy, rolling boil and added hops/DME on schedule. Boiled off more than expected, but nailed OG, so likely that efficiency was overestimated.

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