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I brewed extract for a few years, then I swapped to all grain and the quality of my beer exploded.

I love beer and left wing Bernie Sanders style politics.

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Date Added Name
5/22/2020 Pilsen Two Row Cream Ale Pilsen Two Row Cream Ale
4/8/2020 Rye Pale Ale Rye Pale Ale
3/17/2020 Azacca El Dorado Mosiac NEIPA Azacca El Dorado Mosiac NEIPA
1/30/2020 American Pub Ale American Pub Ale
1/30/2020 Citra SMaSH IPA Citra SMaSH IPA
12/27/2019 Clone Of American Stout Clone Of American Stout
10/13/2019 Biscut Pale Ale Biscut Pale Ale
8/27/2019 Citra Smash Pale Ale Citra Smash Pale Ale
8/8/2019 Scottish ale Scottish ale
8/8/2019 American Wheat American Wheat
4/28/2019 CTZ Rye IPA CTZ Rye IPA
4/13/2019 Hefeweizen Hefeweizen
4/13/2019 Cream Ale US-05 Cream Ale US-05
3/20/2019 Chinook Cascade Simcoe NEIPA Chinook Cascade Simcoe NEIPA
3/13/2019 Citra Galaxy NEIPA Citra Galaxy NEIPA
3/4/2019 Centennial Chinook Cascade Pale Ale Centennial Chinook Cascade Pale Ale
2/25/2019 English Bitter English Bitter
2/22/2019 Piney IPA Piney IPA
12/26/2018 Azacca Nelson Sauvin Citra Ipa Azacca Nelson Sauvin Citra Ipa
11/7/2018 Azacca Nelson Sauvin NEIPA Azacca Nelson Sauvin NEIPA
10/24/2018 Pilsen ale Pilsen ale
10/17/2018 Caramel scottish ale Caramel scottish ale
10/3/2018 Sweet Mead Sweet Mead
9/25/2018 American Stout American Stout
9/18/2018 CSC IPA CSC IPA
9/11/2018 Wild Hop Pale Ale Wild Hop Pale Ale
8/27/2018 Segway Sunset NEIPA Segway Sunset NEIPA
8/23/2018 Raspberry Wheat Raspberry Wheat
8/16/2018 3-C American Pale Ale 3-C American Pale Ale
8/1/2018 Zythos El Dorado Neipa Zythos El Dorado Neipa
7/31/2018 Lemon Drop Bright Ale Lemon Drop Bright Ale
7/22/2018 Azacca El Dorado Neipa Azacca El Dorado Neipa
7/22/2018 Scottish Light Ale Scottish Light Ale
7/12/2018 Standard Cream Ale Standard Cream Ale
7/12/2018 Rye Citra Pale Ale Rye Citra Pale Ale
Date Added Name

Brew Session: CSC IPA

Jim-Swenson 9/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
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