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2/3/2023 Helles Helles
12/24/2022 Italian Pilsner Italian Pilsner
11/25/2022 Minnesota Common Minnesota Common
11/10/2022 Biere dAlsace Biere dAlsace
10/19/2022 Irish Potato Amber Irish Potato Amber
9/8/2022 Coffee Cream Ale Coffee Cream Ale
2/10/2022 Red Ryed Hand 2.0 Red Ryed Hand 2.0
2/6/2022 King Strata King Strata
1/9/2022 Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow Pour Pils Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow Pour Pils
12/15/2021 Schokoladeweizen Schokoladeweizen
11/12/2021 Ians Bitter Ians Bitter
8/16/2021 Augustiner Lagerbier Helles Augustiner Lagerbier Helles
8/11/2021 Brauhaus Zwickl Brauhaus Zwickl
1/28/2021 Bohemian Pilsner Bohemian Pilsner
12/18/2020 Weihnachtsbier Weihnachtsbier
11/19/2020 Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale
9/1/2020 Mocha Porter Mocha Porter
7/21/2020 Uerige Alt Uerige Alt
7/19/2020 Dusseldorf Altbier Dusseldorf Altbier
5/9/2020 DDH Strata IPA DDH Strata IPA
2/20/2020 Bavarian Weissbier Bavarian Weissbier
2/5/2020 Maibock Maibock
1/2/2020 Munichen Dunkel Munichen Dunkel
12/6/2019 Rye Lager Rye Lager
10/3/2019 Dangerous Man Chocolate Milk Stout Dangerous Man Chocolate Milk Stout
9/24/2019 Kolsch Kolsch
9/5/2019 Smoked Porter Smoked Porter
8/9/2019 Oktoberfest Oktoberfest
5/14/2019 Rhubarb Wheat Ale Rhubarb Wheat Ale
3/30/2019 Cream Ale Cream Ale
1/9/2019 Tropical Stout Tropical Stout
12/31/2018 Czech Pilsner Czech Pilsner
12/31/2018 Hefeweizen Hefeweizen
12/30/2018 Crooked River Settlers ESB Crooked River Settlers ESB
12/24/2018 ESB ESB
12/24/2018 Dusseldorf Alt Dusseldorf Alt
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Brew Session: ESB

DWalter 1/1/2019 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation
  • Conditioning

Fly sparged this one (normally Batch sparge) and didn't quite receive the OG I was looking for. I was in a bit of a hurry to meet up with some friends so I may have allowed the wort to drain a little quicker than I normally would in order to brew in my allotted time frame.

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