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Brewer 137641

Brewer 137641

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Just a simple old dude having some fun.
Not a drinker, but love the process. That’s why I brew small batches.
Just getting back into brewing after a 14 year hiatus.

New Recipe

Date Added Name
4/11/2024 Irish Stout 1 Irish Stout 1
4/9/2024 Guinnes Clone Guinnes Clone
4/9/2024 Not Quite a SMASH Not Quite a SMASH
4/8/2024 Clone Of Small Batch Imperial Stout Clone Of Small Batch Imperial Stout
4/8/2024 Gracephil English IPA Gracephil English IPA
4/8/2024 93 West Coast IPA 93 West Coast IPA
4/6/2024 American Light Ale American Light Ale
3/26/2024 Clone Of Sierra Nevada V3 Clone Of Sierra Nevada V3
3/21/2024 Irish Coffee Stout Irish Coffee Stout
3/16/2024 Carmel Apple - Cider Carmel Apple - Cider
3/16/2024 Light Ale Light Ale
3/14/2024 Black Momba Barleywine Black Momba Barleywine
3/14/2024 Sidewinder Bock Sidewinder Bock
3/13/2024 Copper Head Cinnamon Cider Copper Head Cinnamon Cider
3/13/2024 Snake Spit IPA Snake Spit IPA
Date Added Name

Brew Session: Light Ale

Brewer 137641 4/3/2024 12:00:00 AM
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation

Brew Session: Copper Head Cinnamon Cider

Brewer 137641 3/26/2024 12:00:00 AM
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation
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