Belgian Dark Strong Ale Recipe - Backside Belgian Ale Double

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Backside Belgian Ale Double

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5 Gallon(s)
2.5 Gallon(s)
60 min
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Brewed 9/3/2012 - Brought to 156, added grain and covered. turned off heat and let sit. Temp held at 158. I put my extract and candi sugar in the sink with hot water to soften it up. Removed the grain and sparged with 32oz of hot tap water. I was now at 3 gallons and turned back on the heat. Brought to a boil removed from heat and added malt and sugar. Brought back to a boil and added Northern brewer hops. with 5 min. left I added the German Hallertau to a hop sock and added. I also stuck in my chiller to sanitize. After boil I stuck pot in ice bath and turned on chiller. At 70 degrees I pitched the yeast. My Original Gravity was 1.087.

Racked to a secondary. Fermented way too hot, around 78 and no starter, not sure what off flavor that is but it is not great. I let a few bottles sit around for 2 years and that definitely helped. I need to start monitoring my fermentation temperature more careful.


% lb fermentable ppg   L   usage  
81% 10.5 Pale Liquid Malt Extract 36
8% 1 Belgian Dark Candi Sugar - BE 36
8% 1 CaraVienna - BE 34
4% 0.5 Special B 30
13 lb


oz variety type usage time AA   IBU  
1.5 Northern Brewer Pellet Boil 60 minutes 7.3 13.5
1 Hallertau Leaf Boil 5 minutes 4.3 1.0
2.5 oz IBUs calculated using the Brewgr formula


name attenuation  
White Labs Trappist Ale WLP500 77%

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Recipe Facts

Backside Belgian Ale Double
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
5.00 Gallons Liters
2.50 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
49.2° SRM
14.4 IBU (brewgr)
8.7% ABV
304 per 12oz
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