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New Recipe

Date Added Name
11/29/2023 Back to the Grind Ale Back to the Grind Ale
6/27/2023 Oktoberfest Return Ale Oktoberfest Return Ale
6/25/2023 Thank you ale Thank you ale
5/27/2023 Save the Day Ale Save the Day Ale
4/30/2023 Last Ditch Ale Last Ditch Ale
3/17/2023 Citra Bomb Lager Citra Bomb Lager
3/4/2023 Spring Revival Saison Spring Revival Saison
2/13/2023 Farm Chores Grisette Farm Chores Grisette
1/14/2023 Winter Wonderland Weiss Winter Wonderland Weiss
12/29/2022 Winter Melt Lager Winter Melt Lager
12/17/2022 Connaught Common Ale Connaught Common Ale
12/3/2022 Holiday Cheer Lager Holiday Cheer Lager
11/4/2022 Country Fall Foggy Weiss Country Fall Foggy Weiss
10/15/2022 X-Mas Spirit Lager X-Mas Spirit Lager
10/5/2022 Hay Bale Ale Hay Bale Ale
9/30/2022 Black Bay Harvest Kolsch 2022 Black Bay Harvest Kolsch 2022
9/5/2022 Crisp Morning Dew Ale Crisp Morning Dew Ale
8/21/2022 Crispy Fall Lager Crispy Fall Lager
7/12/2022 Wedding Bliss Weiss Wedding Bliss Weiss
7/3/2022 Summer Nights Wedding IPA Summer Nights Wedding IPA
6/15/2022 Summer Sunset Weisse Summer Sunset Weisse
6/9/2022 Black Bay Harvest Kolsch II Black Bay Harvest Kolsch II
6/3/2022 Summer Shade Ale Summer Shade Ale
3/31/2022 No-Mo Sap Lager No-Mo Sap Lager
2/18/2022 Spring Launch IPA Spring Launch IPA
2/17/2022 Fruity Spring Kolsch Fruity Spring Kolsch
12/30/2021 Sippy Spring Wheat Lager Sippy Spring Wheat Lager
12/16/2021 Homestead Winter Lager Homestead Winter Lager
11/19/2021 Spring Hef II Spring Hef II
10/30/2021 Honey Sunrise Pilsner Honey Sunrise Pilsner
10/9/2021 Black Bay Harvest Kolsch Black Bay Harvest Kolsch
9/6/2021 Retirement Ale Retirement Ale
8/29/2021 Fruity Wit Fruity Wit
8/15/2021 End of Summer IPA End of Summer IPA
7/2/2021 Stoqua Creek Pale Lager Stoqua Creek Pale Lager
6/12/2021 Summer Weiss Summer Weiss
6/12/2021 Summer Sorachi Ale Summer Sorachi Ale
3/9/2021 Spring Hef Spring Hef
2/1/2021 Connaught Kolsch II Connaught Kolsch II
1/1/2021 New Years Wit Ale New Years Wit Ale
12/24/2020 Chocolate Caramel Lager Chocolate Caramel Lager
12/18/2020 Winter White IPA Winter White IPA
11/14/2020 Christmas Wit Christmas Wit
10/24/2020 Connaught Kolsch Connaught Kolsch
9/29/2020 Fall Harvest Wit Fall Harvest Wit
8/22/2020 Peach Saison IPA Peach Saison IPA
7/18/2020 Honey Ale v4 eBIAB Honey Ale v4 eBIAB
6/22/2020 Summer Session IPA Summer Session IPA
5/31/2020 Summer Wit Summer Wit
4/23/2020 Quarantine Kviek Ale Quarantine Kviek Ale
4/9/2020 Honey Ale Ver 3 Honey Ale Ver 3
3/24/2020 quarantine horindal quarantine horindal
2/24/2020 Mango IPA Mango IPA
1/10/2020 Honey Ale Ver 2 Honey Ale Ver 2
11/21/2019 Christmas Wheat Christmas Wheat
11/2/2019 Winter Saison Winter Saison
9/28/2019 Lager Lager
9/1/2019 Wheat Ale Wheat Ale
8/14/2019 Honey Pale Ale Honey Pale Ale
5/3/2019 Mango IPA Mango IPA
Date Added Name

Brew Session: Citra Bomb Lager

Brewer 118704 3/18/2023 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation

Brew Session: Winter Wonderland Weiss

Brewer 118704 1/14/2023 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
  • Mash/Boil
  • Fermentation
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