Brewer 114149

Brewer 114149

Brewer 114149

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New Recipe

Date Added Name
1/18/2022 APA yeast comp APA yeast comp
10/28/2021 Voss pale Voss pale
9/23/2021 USA Sweet stout USA Sweet stout
6/9/2021 Smash Citra Smash Citra
3/19/2021 Golden Honey beer Golden Honey beer
5/30/2020 Final biab NOLA NEIPA Final biab NOLA NEIPA
2/1/2020 Peanut butter milk stout Peanut butter milk stout
11/17/2019 froot loops froot loops
10/10/2019 Willie MACC black Ipa Willie MACC black Ipa
3/26/2019 Lager yeast comp Lager yeast comp
2/15/2019 Bye Bye American Rye Bye Bye American Rye
10/30/2018 Black Forrest Gateaux stout Black Forrest Gateaux stout
8/25/2018 Ipa Ipa
8/8/2018 Smash mo mo Smash mo mo
6/8/2018 Amber Amber
4/11/2018 Rye IPA Rye IPA
3/30/2018 American Pilsner American Pilsner
2/27/2018 Dead Phoney Dead Phoney
2/13/2018 Strong Mild Strong Mild
9/14/2017 Peanut butter Porter Peanut butter Porter
Date Added Name
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