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Date Added Name
8/6/2022 Muddy Paws Octoberfest Muddy Paws Octoberfest
11/15/2021 Light Weight Baby IPA Light Weight Baby IPA
3/8/2021 Fjords to KTown Lager Fjords to KTown Lager
2/16/2021 Nordic Blonde Ale Nordic Blonde Ale
2/10/2021 Necessary Evil IPA Necessary Evil IPA
1/19/2021 Dead Reckoning IPA Dead Reckoning IPA
1/8/2021 Mischievous IPA Mischievous IPA
12/4/2020 Vigilante IPA Vigilante IPA
9/5/2020 Dragons Breath IPA Dragons Breath IPA
9/5/2020 Lazy haze Lazy haze
9/5/2020 Dirty Blonde Ale -2 Dirty Blonde Ale -2
8/30/2020 Mermaid Tears IPA Mermaid Tears IPA
8/30/2020 Short Leash IPA Short Leash IPA
8/3/2020 Laurens Raspberry Sour Laurens Raspberry Sour
6/19/2020 Pineapple Head IPA Pineapple Head IPA
5/3/2020 Churchill IPA Churchill IPA
4/25/2020 Hoptastic- Warrior Hoptastic- Warrior
3/17/2020 Hopocolypse IPA Hopocolypse IPA
3/4/2020 Escape from New York IPA Escape from New York IPA
1/22/2020 Velvet Harpoon IPA Velvet Harpoon IPA
1/20/2020 Crocodile Tears IPA Crocodile Tears IPA
1/20/2020 Wildebeest IPA Wildebeest IPA
12/17/2019 Captain Hops IPA Captain Hops IPA
12/14/2019 Clubber Lang BRUT-al IPA Clubber Lang BRUT-al IPA
11/13/2019 Hop Grenade NIPA Hop Grenade NIPA
11/11/2019 Tangerine Dream IPA Tangerine Dream IPA
11/1/2019 Krunk Krungle Christmas Ale Krunk Krungle Christmas Ale
10/23/2019 Mean Marsupial IPA Rematch Mean Marsupial IPA Rematch
8/22/2019 Jack-o-lantern Oktoberfast Jack-o-lantern Oktoberfast
7/18/2019 Drunk Monk -Leffe Clone Drunk Monk -Leffe Clone
7/17/2019 Dirty Blonde American Ale V2 Dirty Blonde American Ale V2
7/5/2019 Return of the Great White Return of the Great White
5/26/2019 Land Crusher IPA Land Crusher IPA
5/10/2019 151 Belgian Witbier 151 Belgian Witbier
5/9/2019 Mean Marsupial IPA Mean Marsupial IPA
5/2/2019 Southern Cross IPA Southern Cross IPA
5/2/2019 Great White Great White
3/31/2019 Small Dog IPA Small Dog IPA
3/26/2019 Billys English  Strong Bitter Billys English Strong Bitter
3/23/2019 Zoeys IPA Zoeys IPA
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