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5/17/2024 Toms Roggenbier Toms Roggenbier
11/10/2021 Haze Craze NEIPA mod higher abv Haze Craze NEIPA mod higher abv
11/14/2015 Clone Of Bad Santa Holiday Ale Clone Of Bad Santa Holiday Ale
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Brew Session: Clone Of Bad Santa Holiday Ale

Brewer 106485 11/22/2015 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion
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Had to split this into two mash outs due to the size of the grains and my mash tun size. It smelled quite good during the boil. Going to let primary ferment for 2 weeks, then transfer to secondary. My basement is about 63°F which is a bit cool, but with the added heat of fermentation the temperature was up around 70°.For the cherries, I put them through the food processor after pitting and added them as the wort was cooling from the boil. In retrospect I probably should have put them in a bag, ...

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