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1/31/2023 Hillcrest Amber Ale Hillcrest Amber Ale
7/2/2021 Mocha Java Stout - MJS-27 Mocha Java Stout - MJS-27
1/25/2021 New Year Amber Ale New Year Amber Ale
10/30/2020 Autumn NEIPA Autumn NEIPA
2/5/2020 Competition Entry Double NEIPA Competition Entry Double NEIPA
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Brew Session: Autumn NEIPA

SammyChamois 10/25/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Boil
  • Fermentation

Original gravity was 18.4 Brix (1.076). During the whirlpool, also periodically placed the stirring spoon into the hop spider and mixed inside there for 10-15sec, then continued with the overall whirlpool.Oct 26-30: Did not see activity in the airlock and assumed (incorrectly) that there as a stuck fermentationOct. 30: Checked the gravity and it was 12.2 Brix (1.032) so all is well! The airlock is not making a good seal with the grommet on the primary. Fermentation looks to be at or near ...

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