Imperial IPA Recipe - 69IBUs Sayin Round2 Mosaic

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69IBUs Sayin Round2 Mosaic

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All Grain
6 Gallon(s)
7 Gallon(s)
60 min
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Looking to create very similar beer to the single hopped Simcoe ipa we did 2weeks back. At the store, I will buy slightly more ingredients, rounded up to nearest .25 of oz/lb/unit and dial back for brew day. IE, I'll buy 1.75oz hops for 45min addition, and weigh out 1.6oz. GFermentations only does stuff by the .25 lb/oz. Worth noting, the first time we made this beer (using Simcoe), we did a 5 gal batch. This time, our batch size is much bigger :) -strike vol 5.86gal (did not use pH stabilizer) -strike temp 165 -dough in temp 161 -mash temp 150 -mash time 1hr -sparge temp - 165 -----BROKEN HYDROMETER---- -1st runnings og -preboil og -preboil vol -postboil og -post boil vol -boil time 60min


% lb fermentable ppg   L   usage  
90% 17 2-Row - US 37
3% 0.6 Crystal 40L - CA 34
6% 1.2 Corn Sugar (Dextrose) - US 46
18.8 lb


oz variety type usage time AA   IBU  
1.6 Mosaic Pellet Boil 45 minutes 12.3 38.7
1.5 Mosaic Pellet Boil 30 minutes 12.3 30.3
3.5 Mosaic Pellet Dry Hop 4 days 12.3 0.0
6.6 oz IBUs calculated using the Tinseth formula


name attenuation  
Wyeast American Ale 1056 75%

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69IBUs Sayin Round2 Mosaic
Imperial IPA
6.00 Gallons Liters
7.00 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
5.6° SRM
69.0 IBU (tinseth)
9.1% ABV
328 per 12oz
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