Vienna Lager Recipe - Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

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Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

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All Grain
5.5 Gallon(s)
7.5 Gallon(s)
90 min
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First attempt at cloning Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager, substituting cara-amber with Carastan since it's what I can get, added a touch of Red X for the toffee and added reddish color but could leave it out. Many describe tasting toffee in this lager. I cannot get devils vienna lager around here and have never tasted it yet, I have some coming for a comparison.


% lb fermentable ppg   L   usage  
37% 4 Vienna - US 36
37% 4 Pilsen - UK 36
12% 1.25 Dark Munich - DE 36
12% 1.25 Carastan 35 - UK 35
2% 0.25 Red X - Best Maltz 36
10.75 lb


oz variety type usage time AA   IBU  
0.6 Northern Brewer Pellet Boil 60 minutes 9.0 18.2
0.25 Saaz Pellet Boil 20 minutes 3.8 1.9
0.85 oz IBUs calculated using the Tinseth formula

Hop Summary

oz variety type AA
0.6 Northern Brewer Pellet 9.0
0.25 Saaz Pellet 3.8
0.85 oz  


name attenuation  
Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 75%

Other Stuff

amount unit name usage
1 each Whirlfloc Boil

Mash Steps

type heat temp °F time
Protein Rest Decoction 125 0 minutes
Beta-Glucan Rest Decoction 147 30 minutes
Alpha Rest Decoction 162 30 minutes
Mash-Out Decoction 170 0 minutes

Special Instructions

  1. You will need approximately 4 gallons of heated water, mash-in at 125F
  2. Heat to 147F and hold for 30 minutes
  3. Heat to 162F and hold for 30 minutes
  4. Heat to 170F and mash-out
  5. Heat approximately 5 gallon of water to 170F to sparge mash grains
  6. Collect approximately 7.5 gallon of mash to boil for 5.5 gallon after boil.
  7. Add hops at 60 and last 20 minutes, whirloc or Irish moss last 20 minutes
  8. Cool wort to 60F
  9. Pitch lager (2) yeast at 60F and hold for 24 hour so yeast can take hold and then cool Wort to 54F
  10. Day 10 of fermentaion raise to 56F, day 12 58F
  11. At end of fermentation assuming day 14 let rise to 60F for Diacetyl rest and hold for two days
  12. Check that fermantation is complete, it should be close to the FG. Cool to 42F at 2F per day, this should allow more time to complete fermentation. Fermenation should be be complete by the end of the cool down and rack off to secondary.
  13. Crash cool and lager at 32F for four weeks

Tasting Notes (2)


Tasted on 2/1/2017 by Rick-B


According to my nephew and his wife who requested I make this as it's their favorite beer, they say it is spot on. they brought some back from a east coast vacation months later and I agree, this is very close.


Tasted on 1/24/2017 by Rick-B


Well I cannot say if this tastes like the original since I never had it but I love this beer, nice full flavor. this will probably become a standard in my keezer.


  • Rick-B

    Okay its taking longer to complete fermentation than thought, just now starting to bring down to 32F

    12/15/2016 11:04:54 AM

Recipe Facts

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager
Vienna Lager
5.50 Gallons Liters
7.50 Gallons Liters  @  90  min
9.4° SRM
20.2 IBU (tinseth)
5.1% ABV
176 per 12oz
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