Belgian Tripel Recipe - Duvel Clone - Extract 10L

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Duvel Clone - Extract 10L

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10.2 Liter(s)
15 Liter(s)
90 min
This recipe is based on Wes Martin's "The Devil's Acquaintance" at I substituted Willamette instead of Styrian Goldings, because I forgot to buy and that's what I had...


% kg fermentable ppg   L   usage  
10% 0.2268 Pale Ale - BE 38
69% 1.5876 Dry Malt Extract - Light - US 44
22% 0.5 Belgian Clear Candi Sugar - BE 36
2.3144 kg


g variety type usage time AA   IBU  
14 Saaz Pellet Boil 30 minutes 3.8 8.1
27 Willamette Pellet Boil 60 minutes 5.0 26.7
41 g IBUs calculated using the Tinseth formula

Hop Summary

g variety type AA
14 Saaz Pellet 3.8
27 Willamette Pellet 5.0
41 g  


name attenuation  
Mangrove Jack's Belgian Ale Yeast M27 85%

Other Stuff

amount unit name usage
0.5 each Whirlfloc Flame Out
0 each Yeast Nutrient Flame Out

Mash Steps

No Mash Steps in this Recipe

Special Instructions

  1. Steep malt at 150-155F for 30 minutes, then rinse and drain
  2. Dissolve DME and commence 90 minute boil
  3. Add Candi in the last 15 minutes of the boil and dissolve.
  4. Chill to 64F, pitch yeast, and allow to raise to 82F over the course of 5 days.
  5. Ferment at 82F for 2 weeks.
  6. Then cold crash and lager at 32F for 3 weeks before bottling.

Tasting Notes (1)


Tasted on 4/16/2016 by BKKBrewer


Overall very pleased with this. This is my first Belgian Tripel and it definitely comes close to commercial Belgians I've had in terms of aroma and taste. The alcohol taste is quite heavy (expected at almost 9%!), but I think a little more time conditioning should mellow help this a bit more. I'll be back for another sample in a few weeks...

Recipe Facts

Duvel Clone - Extract 10L
Belgian Tripel
10.20 Gallons Liters
15.00 Gallons Liters  @  90  min
6.0° SRM
34.8 IBU (tinseth)
8.3% ABV
255 per 12oz
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