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Brew Session: seasons reversing

christopherjams 11/25/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion

Brewed 11/254.83 HLT pH150.7F mash temp5.42/1.079 first5.63 2nd 12mL phos to MT6.15/1.014 final 16mL phos to BK5.21/1.049 7mL phos at EOB1.058-1.059 O.G., 5.13 post-boilSmooth and easy. KO'd at 68-70F. Inkbird and carboy heater just showed up. Will keep at 68F for the first couple of days.Took about 36 hours to get rolling. Kept it at 70 to start, then turned it down to 68F. That didn't get it to cool down, however! This thing is rolling, hanging out just below 70F.12/1@1.022. It's slowing ...

Recipe Facts

seasons reversing
American IPA
  • 5.50 Gallons Liters Batch Size
  • 7.00 Gallons Liters Boil Size
  • 75  min Boil Time
  • 1.059 OG
  • 1.012 FG
  • 58.9 IBU (tinseth) Bitterness
  • 1.00 BG:GU
  • 4.0° SRM Color
  • 76% Efficiency
  • 6.1% ABV Alcohol
  • 197 per 12oz Calories
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