American IPA Recipe - NE IPA Batch #2

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NE IPA Batch #2

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All Grain
5 Gallon(s)
6 Gallon(s)
60 min
The first batch of this was extremely bitter. It opened more like Stone's Arrogant Bastard in that you had to keep sipping on it for the beer to really open up. It was pretty good after that but that's not what I wanted. In Batch 2, I'm going to change the times and take out one addition of Centennial during the boil. I'm also going to add 1lb of Flaked Wheat.

This recipe was cloned from NE IPA Batch #1.


% lb fermentable ppg   L   usage  
62% 8 Pale 2-Row (UK) 38
15% 2 Flaked Oats 33
15% 2 Flaked Wheat - US 35
8% 1 White Wheat 40
13 lb


oz variety type usage time AA   IBU  
0.75 Warrior Pellet Boil 15 minutes 16.0 18.6
2 Cascade (US) Pellet Boil 5 minutes 7.0 8.7
2 Citra (US) Pellet Boil 5 minutes 13.7 17.0
1 Cascade (US) Pellet Flame Out 0 minutes 7.0 0.0
1 Citra (US) Pellet Flame Out 0 minutes 13.7 0.0
1 Cascade (US) Pellet Dry Hop 0 days 7.0 0.0
1 Citra (US) Pellet Dry Hop 0 days 13.7 0.0
8.75 oz IBUs calculated using the Tinseth formula

Hop Summary

oz variety type AA
0.75 Warrior Pellet 16.0
4 Cascade (US) Pellet 7.0
4 Citra (US) Pellet 13.7
8.75 oz  


name attenuation  
Safale US-05 86%

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Tasting Notes (2)


Tasted on 4/13/2019 by KamuiRSX


Notes from a friend: Honey hued lemonade in color. The nose fruity and floral. Decent amount of yeast. He can smell it. It's an aroma and a bouquet that you keep wanting to go back for more. Reminds him of something but can't place it. The taste is not what he was expecting at all. It's not fully carbonated yet. Taste is like an overripe guava. Light to medium mouthfeel. Maybe a little bit of lemon zest on the backend. Builds up on the back of the pallett. The hops are overpowered by the guava taste. A little bit of bitterness that lingers as long as you don't go back for another drink. It's very interesting. The guava note is very pronounced. He did just brush his teeth. The finish kind of mellows out. Possibly due to not being fully carbonated yet.


Tasted on 4/11/2019 by KamuiRSX


Tasty! It has notes of tropical fruit and guava on the nose. The mouthfeel is fantastic. The haze is there but only slightly being that I didn't use a proper yeast. Maybe a bit of tangerine and passion fruit in the initial taste with a slightly bitter yet crisp finish. Definitely a great beer!

Recipe Facts

NE IPA Batch #2
American IPA
5.00 Gallons Liters
6.00 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
4.8° SRM
44.3 IBU (tinseth)
8.0% ABV
242 per 12oz
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