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Weird Science...My Creation Imperial Dark Strong English Bitter

Weird Science...My Creation Imperial Dark Strong English Bitter

by Amiinderschweiz on 11/27/2017
All Grain | 26 Liter(s) | Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) | 98.9 % ABV
I made this up a year ago, had molasses in the recipe,and I'm blaming it on leaving a metallic after flavor, it was loved by many especially my wife and she requested it again. The kit says 620 IBU's, but the calculator does not take into account.
Nippel Crippel Rye Tripel

Nippel Crippel Rye Tripel

by Amiinderschweiz on 6/22/2017
All Grain + Extract | 26 Liter(s) | Belgian Tripel | 9.4 % ABV
Wanted to find a clone for La Fin Du Monde, searching through recipes, I didn't find one that would have the malts with the flavour profiles I taste in the LFDM, I pieced this together, the rye? yeah, I've always like rye crackers, whiskey and bier, since I couldn't nail down the La Fin Du Monde. Plus most the recipes have orange peel and coriander added to the boil, I want the yeast to provide the "spice", I figured what the heck, experiment and see what happens :-), I also wanted to try to ...
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