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Brew Session: helles yes mk2

christopherjams 1/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion

Brewed 1/18.-Protein Rest@127F for 20 minutes.-Sacch rest started at 154F, lowered temp to 152F with a small amount of room temp RO water.-5.20 sparge pH (I was not able to get a consistent, clear number for this. Not sure if it was just because of the RO or what.)-5.40/1.066 first runnings-5.54/1.032 second runnings.5.84/1.016 final runnings. 5.45/1.039 pre-boil.*Added 13mL phos to BK at boil start.*Rechecked pH and added 8mL phos 55minutes into boil.1.050 O.G., 5.19 post-boil.Straight forward ...

Recipe Facts

helles yes mk2
Munich Helles
  • 5.00 Gallons Liters Batch Size
  • 7.00 Gallons Liters Boil Size
  • 90  min Boil Time
  • 1.050 OG
  • 1.009 FG
  • 19.1 IBU (tinseth) Bitterness
  • 0.38 BG:GU
  • 2.6° SRM Color
  • 80% Efficiency
  • 5.2% ABV Alcohol
  • 164 per 12oz Calories
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