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Brew Session: days of candy xpa

christopherjams 11/23/2019 12:00:00 AM
  • Water Infusion

151F mash temp. 5.03 sparge pH5.34/1.085 1st runnings5.56/1.026 2nd runnings5.88/1.011 final runnings.5.38/1.041 pre-boil. *Added 7ml phos to kettle.5.19/1.052 post-boil.Smooth brew. Surprised by some runnings pH values given the sparge pH. Probably boiled just a touch too hard. Actually able to KO at a quick pace. Wrapped up in about 3.5 hours. Brilliant gold, white foam. Bright fruit aromatics, tangerine, apricot. Sweet hop fruitiness and bitterness on the palate. A bit of malt sweetness on ...

Recipe Facts

days of candy xpa
American Pale Ale
  • 5.50 Gallons Liters Batch Size
  • 7.00 Gallons Liters Boil Size
  • 75  min Boil Time
  • 1.049 OG
  • 1.011 FG
  • 55.2 IBU (tinseth) Bitterness
  • 1.13 BG:GU
  • 4.0° SRM Color
  • 75% Efficiency
  • 4.9% ABV Alcohol
  • 163 per 12oz Calories
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