Viking Gold Helles Brew Sessions

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Viking Gold Helles

Brew Session: Viking Gold Helles

by brewgrer on 8/23/2018
 Water Infusion
This recipe won the Gold Metal at the 2011 National Homebrewers Conference (NHC) in 2011. This was in the Light Lager Category 1: of 191 different entries. Original Brewer = Vincent Rokke from Fargo, ND. Club = Prairie Homebrewing Companions. I scaled this recipe to 5 gallons with BeerSmith 2. Per BREW magazine: If you're brewing all-grain, you definitely want to to adjust the mash temperature to match the desired body of your beer. Mashing at a higher temperature like 156*F will result in a more malty beer and an increase in body and final gravity. Mashing at a low temperature, 148*F, results in a cleaner, drier finish to the beer with a lower final gravity. When brewing all grain recipes a lower mash temperature produces wort that ferments into a thinner bodied higher alcohol beer and a higher temperature mash produces wort that ferments into fuller bodied sweeter tasting beer. In my fourth year of home brewing I dove into brewing water properties and discovered how they influence th

Recipe Facts

Viking Gold Helles
Munich Helles
23.00 Gallons Liters
27.68 Gallons Liters  @  90  min
3.4° SRM
16.5 IBU (tinseth)
4.9% ABV
166 per 12oz
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