Quarter Chub V2 with Mosaic Recipe

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Quarter Chub V2 with Mosaic

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All Grain
1 Gallon(s)
1.6 Gallon(s)
60 min
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Brewed Quarter Chub V2 w/ Mosaic at 1 gallon AND QChub V2 Mosaic/Galaxy together using the same mash. The following info for mash is the same for both recipes. Everything went very well, boiled at different times but accounted for that in the additions of hops. Got a good hot break and cold break. Vigorous boil in both kettles. Didn't get too drunk either (bonus). Used two sinks for cooling with extra ice and worked out very well. Probably took about 20 mins to cool, swirled to mix the heat within wort, and let sit for 15 mins to let cold break crap fall out. Made sure to sanitize everything because I wasn't that drunk this time. I am a bit now though, but that's OK. Probably should get large rubber bands for the 1 gallon carboys to avoid taping the paper towel to the fermenter and having it fall off. Used duct tape this time and the condensation caused it to fall off after only a few minutes. Mashed at 153.8F and added 1/10 tsp of gypsum (to 1.5 gal strike water for 2 total gallons for Mosaic and Mosaic/Galaxy version) Ending mash temp: 151.3F Pre boil OG: 1.028 After Boil OG: 1.050

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% lb fermentable ppg   L   usage  
100% 2 Vienna - DE 37
2 lb


oz variety type usage time AA   IBU  
0.15 Mosaic Pellet Boil 60 minutes 12.7 35.6
0.1 Mosaic Pellet Boil 30 minutes 12.7 18.3
0.2 Mosaic Pellet Boil 5 minutes 12.7 9.5
0.45 oz IBUs calculated using the Tinseth formula


name attenuation  
Wyeast American Ale 1056 75%

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Recipe Facts

Quarter Chub V2 with Mosaic
1.00 Gallons Liters
1.60 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
6.3° SRM
63.3 IBU (tinseth)
5.0% ABV
173 per 12oz
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