IPA V5 - Hop Fu Brew Sessions

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IPA V5 - Hop Fu

Brew Session: IPA V5 - Hop Fu

by SingleSpeed on 12/9/2015
 Water Infusion  Mash/Boil
6F hotter would be 169.14. I guess i will try it, it is cold out. I went with 170/171 and it was still 2f too cold. It was less than 50f outside so the keggles where cold. Heated with brew kettle heater.

Recipe Facts

IPA V5 - Hop Fu
American IPA
8.50 Gallons Liters
11.20 Gallons Liters  @  90  min
5.2° SRM
133.3 IBU (tinseth)
7.2% ABV
225 per 12oz
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