Straight-laced IPA Brew Sessions

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Straight-laced IPA

Brew Session: Straight-laced IPA

by Celeritas-Prime on 7/21/2015
 Water Infusion  Mash/Boil  Fermentation
Used 3-gallon stock pot. Could only get 7 quarts of water in it with the 6 pounds of grain. Strike temp was 164F, with a target mash temp of 153F. Had a hard time with temp control; started at 153 but oven let temp drop to 149 in about 15 minutes. Overshot on stove top (put it on "5") and got up to 160. Next time, easy on the reheat. Will probably just leave on stove top and wrap with towels. Any reheat will be done at lower settings. Used two 5 x 26" muslin bags for grain; seemed very crowded in pot. 5-gallon paint strainer bags ordered for next time. Heated 1 gallon of water to 168F and sparged with it. Squeezed the hell out of both grain bags. Re-steeped one of the grain bags in 3 quarts of water (about 1qt/#) for 30 minutes with temp hovering in the 150's during the main boil, and then boiled the resulting wort for 15 minutes. Used this to top off to 11 quarts in the pot; lost approximately a quart to filtering. Filtered using sanitized, cut gallon water ju

Recipe Facts

Straight-laced IPA
Imperial IPA
2.00 Gallons Liters
2.50 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
13.5° SRM
128.2 IBU (tinseth)
6.9% ABV
223 per 12oz
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