How to Make Homebrew Calculations

Homebrew Calculations

Homebrew calculations can be very complicated. We have done all the hard work for you. Just plug-in your ingredients and Brewgr will make all the difficult calculations so you can focus on crafting great beer. If you are curious how Brewgr makes it's calculations please select a calculation below:

  • Original Gravity
    Origianl Gravity is the specific gravity of your wort before fermentation.
  • Final Gravity
    Final Gravity is the specific gravity of your wort after fermentation has completed.
  • SRM/Beer Color
    Standard Reference Method/SRM/Beer Color is the color of your homebrew.
  • IBU/Hop Bitterness
    International Bittering Units, or IBU, is the measure of bitterness of homebrew that comes from the boiling of hops.
  • Alcohol Content
    Alcohol content, measured by volume (ABV) or by weight (ABW), is the amount of alcohol that was produced in your homebrew during fermentation.
  • Calories
    The number of calories in your homebrew.