Dales Pale Ale Clone Brew Session


Brewed by mschieve
Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Brew Log

After everything is gathered starting at 9:12am. lit strike water flame at 9:20 am. Mashed in at 10:07am. The mash seemed like it had too much water. Next time add less water to mash tun then add grain then top off more water as needed to desired thickness. Also I seemed to have heated my strike to hot and now my mash tun lid is off as i want the temp to come down to 154 degrees f. My initial thoughts were that I was mashing in too high around 160 so I added cold water to bring it down. I might have added too much water since now I am concerned with with the temp being too low. 31 mins remaining the mash. Sparge water is heating up. vorlaufed then sparged water into boil kettle. Added about 3.5-4 gallons to mash tun and let that rest for 20 mins then vorlaufed and drained into mash tun. Started wort on the burner. Boil started at 12:31 and I added bittering hop addition. Boil complete and post boil Gravity is 1.057. adding wort to fermenter at 1:51pm. I think the wort wasnt all the way cool upon pitching yeast, was still about 75degrees F. I forgot yeast nutrient but I added at cooling stage. I forgot wirfolc as well. I missed my preboil gravity by about 10 points, but hey I had fun and made wort for yeast to make beer. :) I also forgot to smack the yeast in the beginning of the day.

Water Infusion

Brew Session Specific

13 lb @ 65°F
60 minuites
5 gallons
1.5 qt/lb

Equipment Profile

0.5 gallons
0.2 gallons
0.25 gallons
1 gallons/hour
0.15 gallons/lb
0.01 gallons/lb

Calculated Totals

6.7 gallons
8.78 gallons
5.13 gallons
3.17 gallons
3.66 gallons

Mash / Boil


not specified
not specified
not specified
60 minutes


6.5 gallons
60 minutes
5.1 gallons


5 gallons



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Recipe Facts

Dales Pale Ale Clone
American IPA
5.00 Gallons Liters
6.25 Gallons Liters  @  60  min
13.1° SRM
68.7 IBU (brewgr)
7.0% ABV
243 per 12oz
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