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How to Drink Beer Through a Straw

What the..... why? Let me first explain.

Once a month my wife and I go to the theater. The deal is that I get to pick the brewery for the pre meal and she picks the play. The last few plays we have seen have been at Lamb’s Players Theater in Coronado, CA. Our pre meal is usually the Coronado Brewery or Leroy’s which has an abundant craft beer selection. One month we were running late and had to grab dinner at a place that only served tasteless beer. We entered the theater with my bad attitude and craving for malt and hop flavor. As we were waiting in line I noticed people taking coffee beverages past the ushers into the theater. My wife and I walked over to the cafe to order some coffee and sitting in the fridge were cold-lined-up bottles of Ballast Point. As my wife ordered her double-caf-latte-no-whip-cap-mocha-supremo I asked if we could also take beer into the theater. The barista told me, “yes, as long as you put it in a cup with lid and straw. Would you like one?” As Hallelujah's were screaming through my head I calmly grinned and said “yes please.”

The first thing I noticed was how little I could taste when drinking through a straw. The last time I drank beer through a straw was in college, the straw was much larger and had a funnel attached to the other end. I am very picky about only drinking beer poured into a glass, letting it warm a bit, and swirling it to release those great aromas. So if circumstances ever require you to drink beer through a straw here is what you need to do. Sip the beer and resist swallowing immediately. You will want to let the beer sit in your mouth and cover your palate. Now open your mouth and breath in and out. This will allow you to smell the beer. Note the mouthfeel, the flavor, and the finish. It also helps to let the beer warm a bit, cold beer can mask flavors.

As I sat there sipping, breathing in and out with my mouth open, trying not to let beer dribble down my chin I saw one of the best plays I have ever seen. Was it because I had a beer in my hand or the great job by Lamb’s Players staff, hmmm? If you are in San Diego and would like to try something new while drinking a craft beer I highly recommend Lamb's Players Theater. Their current show Damien is simply amazing.