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DIY Homebrew Labels

I recently brewed a homebrew for a wedding. I wanted to give the bottles a little extra flair so I decided to add labels to the homebrew bottles. I was surprised at how easy this was. The hardest thing was deciding what to put on the label.

Once I received the invitation I thought that would look perfect on the homebrew bottle. The bride and groom worked so hard on them I knew they would be happy with it, how can they argue with their own design. I scanned the invitation, opened in Photoshop, and added a few stats about the homebrew. Here was the image I used for the label:

Once I completed the design I found these Avery labels at Office Depot. They are removable, and water resistant. They are 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" which was a perfect size for my 22 ounce homebrew bottles.

I printed the labels on a laser printer and then applied to clean dry homebrew bottles. The finished product turned out great. I had the beer sitting in a cooler of ice and water for about 3 days and the homebrew labels held up great.