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Brew Tip - Fermentation Temperature Control

Controlling the fermentation temperature of your fermenting wort can have a huge impact on your finished brew. If your wort gets warmer than the ideal temperature range for your yeast you may experience too much fruity esters or harsh fusel alcohols. If your wort gets too cool the yeast may not properly attenuate. I believe this to be one of the most important things you can do to improve your homebrew. Here are a few tips:

Cooling your fermenting homebrew:

  • Place a damp towel or t-shirt over your carboy and the evaporation will cool it
  • Allow a fan or air conditioner to blow on your carboy
  • Place your carboy in cold water or ice
  • If you have a cool basement stick your carboy there
  • Build a cooling chamber that uses ice and a computer fan
  • Store your fermenter in a chest freezer with a temperature control
  • Brew cooler fermenting beers in the winter, i.e. lagers

Warming your fermenting homebrew:

  • Wrap your carboy with towels or blankets
  • Place it near a heating pad or space heater
  • Keep in a warm place, maybe an upstairs closet or attic
  • Use a fermentation wrap or belt with a temperature sensor
  • Brew warmer fermenting beers in the summer, i.e. saisons