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HopShot - Homebrew Ingredient

One of the great things about building homebrew recipes usng Brewgr's homebrew recipe calculator is that you can enter your own custom ingredients.  This is especially useful when you are building a recipe and the ingredient database doesn't yet have the homebrew ingredient you plan to use.

You can add custom ingredients by selecting "Add Custom Ingredient" from any of the ingredient drop down menus.  Once you've done this, you'll need to fill in the details about the ingredient, such as Ppg (pounds per gallon) for Fermentables, or AA (alpha acid percentage) for Hops, etc.  This information can usually be found at the ingredient manufacturer's website.

Another great aspect of the custom ingredient feature is that you can learn about new homebrew ingredients by looking at other homebrew recipes.  Recently while looking through some homebrew recipes on Brewgr, I came across a few recipes that use an ingredient called HopShot.  I hadn't heard of that before, so I did some research to find out more about it.

What is HopShot?


You might think that a HopShot is someone who is really good at homebrewing, but it's actually a homebrew ingredient.

HopShot is a syringe of extracted hop resin that is used to add bittering, flavor, or aroma properties to a boiling wort.  You can add the HopShot resin at any point during the boil to achieve the desired results, and the manufacturer suggests that you can use HopShot resin in place of regular pellet or leaf hops.  

I've seen several homebrew recipes that use Hopshot continuously throughout a 60 minute boil to make a very pronounced IPA.  Some homebrewers noted how easy it was to use and how it gave them the bittering properties they wanted for their homebrew recipe without any hop residue.  The only real downside seems to be the lack of HopShot available for a specific hop variety. 

What do you think?  Have you used HopShot before?  Would you try it?  Let us know!