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Brew Tip - Measure Stick

Need an easy way to know the amount of fluid in your homebrew vessels? Follow these simple instructions on building a homemade measure stick. Find a long wooden dowel that is taller than your vessel. Find a container to accurately measure 1 or ½ gallons, depending on how precise you want your measurements. Pour in one gallon of water and stick the dowel in the center of the vessel. Pull it out and you will easily be able to cut a notch where the water level leaves a mark.

A couple of tips:

  • If the base of your vessel isn’t flat be sure to stick it in the center.
  • If you have multiple vessels that are different shapes, use one side of the dowel for one vessel and the other side for the other.
  • I do not recommend using a wood dowel in your wort after boiling. Wood can be difficult to sanitize.
  • Screw a cup hook into the end of the dowel so you can hang it with your other homebrew equipment.